Patient Testimonials

At SCKMC, we strive to provide an exceptional healthcare experience for all of our guests. While we believe it is important for our community to understand the high quality of care available locally, sometimes the most effective messages come from those we have served.

"Good service, skilled people." Howard Talley, April 2015

"I was kept very comfortable. Things were explained to me as they happened. Very good at keeping me calm." - Karen Freeman, April 2015

"The staff was prompt, friendly, & professional." - Larry Seagroves, April 2015

"Everyone was good. Quite professional & everything just went like clockwork. I give everyone an A+." - Claudine Lundy, March 2015

"Excellent experience. Excellent friendly & knowledgeable staff." - Mary Tinsley, March 2015

"The (ER Department staff) were all nice to me and my brother." - Chris Creech, March 2015

"All staff were very informative, explaining everything going on & why. They were very kind to me as I was very frightened. I have never been a patient overnight in a hospital." - Name Withheld, March 2015

"Great ER staff! Great care!" - Jan Salisbury, March 2015

"I have never had a bad visit at SCKMC. Everyone is great!" - Name Withheld, March 2015

"Everyone was great. During my visit to the ER I had blood drawn, EKG, breathing treatment, & x-ray. Everyone was helpful, making me feel well taken care of. I can't say enough about their attitude and helpfulness." - Name Withheld, March 2015

"I have never ever had any problems at the old hospital or the new one. I am not a person that expects the world to notice me as someone special either, I get so tired of hearing people grumble about small town doctors and hospitals. I can only speak for myself, but SCKMC is a very good hospital. I have been in hospitals in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Some large, some small, and had surgeries in all States. I have always had good care, good results, and good doctors or I would not be here today!" Marilyn Mathews, March 2015

"Everything and everyone was very satisfying." - Name Withheld, March 2015

"Working with a heavy person in a wheelchair can be a difficult situation, but the three CT operators were very understanding and caring." - Name Withheld, February 2015

"Everyone was great." - Donna Hinkel, February 2015

"They (ER) were prompt, friendly, and caring at all times." - Mary Smith, February 2015

"Each person did an excellent job. I can not say enough good about Ark City's hospital. Thanks!" - John Pool, February 2015

"Everything went well. Was better than I had expected. Basically it exceeded all expectations." Amy Turner, February 2015

"I was treated very well. They gave me a treat for my birthday (80 years). The next day a root beer float with a cherry and whipped cream, and sang me a Happy Birthday song. Thanks a lot Dr. Lin, staff, nurses, etc." - Norma Pink, February 2015

"I was very pleased with all the staff." - Karen Fortenberry, January 2015

"(Lab) Very professional and personable. Lab area and restroom were very clean and tidy." - Name Withheld, January 2015

"I live in Texas and this is the second time I had treatment in the ER. It was just as good as Dallas/Fort Worth hospital." - Connie Horine, January 2015

"(Radiology)They got their work done right and on time. I got in at appointment time and was out as soon as I got done. I thank you." - Name Withheld, January 2015

"I've been to several same day treatment centers. Wow, the people were awesome. I was treated with great care and concern. Thank you." - Christi Gilmore, December 2014

"The surgical nursing staff was kind and courteous to our family, and helpful with our concerns. Thank you." - Name Withheld, December 2014

"Everything was great, and everyone was really polite. They were excellent in all that they did." - Martha Kilmer, December 2014

"Thanks for taking good care of my son Nathan last night and taking this worried mama seriously. If he really did have the problem we were worried about I wanted him to be taken care of here locally instead of out on vacation in Branson. I appreciated the prompt care by the nurses and Dr. Vora." - Jodie Stanley, November 2014

"They are all so just themselves and nice to be around, even early in the a.m.! I truly appreciate them all for their hard work. They know the job and do it with much TLC!" - Cheri Waldron, November 2014

"The ladies (in lab and radiology) were so helpful in explaining things and cheerful in their attitudes. I felt peaceful and relaxed. Thank you." - Freda Bolf, November 2014

"Our care in pre-op was great. My (family member) had out-patient surgery and I wanted her to have her care at our hospital because I trust your staff and they are always polite, kind, and professional." - Diane Hicks, October 2014

"It was first thing on a Monday morning, everyone was really courteous and friendly, and that's sometimes hard to do after a time flying weekend. There were no surprises and everything was explained. All my questions were answered." - Mark Scram, October 2014

"My needs were met far above any I could have thought of asking for at any medical center. The care was excellent." - Lenora Evans, September 2014

"(The outpatient surgery staff) took me step by step on what was going to happen. Each and every one that was there was really good." - Becky McDuffy, September 2014

"(staff) was very compassionate, informative, and polite!" - Paul Cooke, September 2014

"I went in with a positive mind and noone there gave me any reason to believe my experience would head in a negative direction. I was reassured by the staff that if any problems arose they would be able to care for that issue ASAP. It was very comforting to know!" - Lindsey Logsdon, September 2014

"I was very satisfied with everything." - Bobby Gowdy, August 2014

"The same day surgery staff all made me feel comfortable and were concerned about how I felt." - Quincey Gilliland, August 2014

"Everyone from the front desk, admissions, to radiology was helpful and friendly." - Tim Ford, August 2014

"The nurses were kind and helpful after surgery." - Lois Stafford, August 2014

"Please know my doctor is in Winfield but because of the wonderful care I receive at Ark City hospital's Physical Therapy I will always choose and recommend there service and care. Thank you for this opportunity t let my awesome experience with Pattie and Sherry be expressed." - Mary Slocombe, July 2014

"The staff was friendly and very humorous! Never enjoyed a trip to the hospital until then. Left with a smile and laughing." - Lindsay Greer, July 2014

"It was great from check-in to the ride out." - Nary Hinkley, July 2014

"The emergency room staff were all very kind, friendly, and respectful. Could not have been any better." - Donald McGlasson, June 2014

"The outpatient surgery team, Kasey, Dr. Blatchford, and Racquel, were all very attentive to every need! They made me feel so comfortable, as I was very nervous." - Kathy Avery, June 2014

"Without a doubt my experience was not as anxiety producing as it could have been due to the friendly and genuinely caring staff members. Kudos to Mary, Erica and Kasey, along with Dr. Schmeidler, for exhibiting not just exceptional professionalism, but for the prevailing attitude of warmth and friendliness. I appreciate the extra effort in spite of the fact that any job can become boring and tedious. These people showed the utmost concern for their patient." - Susan Garten, May 2014

"(The staff of the surgery department) were very caring, concerned for how I was feeling, very professional, and made me feel at ease." - Sherri Hester, May 2014

"The full staff (of the surgery department) was there for me when I needed them. They cared for my needs. They were great." - jean Wineinger, May 2014

"Every facet of this process was done with professionalism. The nurse, Mary, was precise and explained clearly the procedures and after care involved." - Ben Tudor, April 2014

"I have never had any medical experience that could match the overall good experience of my procedure." - Name Withheld, March 2014

"I received excellent care!" - Darlene Ford, March 2014

"Everything was exceptional from the time I was brought on the floor until I checked out! Nobody wants to be in the hospital, but I sure am glad they were there for me! A very nice and clean hospital and the food was good too! Thank you all. (And I had a nice big room)." - Maggie Logsdon, February 2014

"Best med service I ever had. You guys are great." - Terry Rugh, February 2014

"From check-in to out-the-door was exceptional. I had to use the restroom while I was there and I don't recall ever being in one any cleaner. Great job." - Howard Goatley, February 2014

"All your staff of nurses and aides are #1 in all areas. You are to be proud of all your staff, from booking on down." - S. Wright, February 2014

"I would not change a thing. The ladies and the gentlemen were very pleasant." - Donna Gellinger, February 2014

"All staff involved were very efficient." - Larry Dale, February 2014

"Everyone that helped me through my procedure was very helpful & very kind." - William C. Looney, January 2014

"Everything was extremely pleasant... All members of SCKMC were exceptional in their support of my dignity." - Carolyn Wilson, January 2014

"Everyone involved was very professional and treated me and my spouse very courteously." - Name Withheld, January 2014

"Everything seemed to go just like clockwork, and was better than expected. Even though I'm actually a team member of the hospital, I believe these people all were very pleasant and professional. I think they'd have given the same great service to any patient, whether an employee at SCKMC or not." - Mitch Speer, December 2013

"All of the people were very kind and considerate, even those who were not part of the doctor's office. They helped me find my way around." - Nita Perry, November 2013

"I feel that Dr. Blatchford and his staff go above and beyond in treating a person medically as well as emotionally. They treat you as a person not just another patient. They are always up front, honest, tell you what choices you have medically and allow you to have input in your plan of care." - Karen Archer, November 2013

"Everyone was on their job. I never had delays or negative attitudes. They gave assurance and blessed me daily. All the staff gave the very best. I have no complaints." - Georgie Gardener, November 2013

"They were all so kind and helpful. Concerned about my pain. Excellent nurses!!" - Lori Campbell, November 2013

"The staff was so kind, loving, and caring. I would recommend them to anybody. I want to thank each and every one for a good job that they did." - Bill McDowell, November 2013

"Just friendly and happy people." - David Potter, November 2013

"All surgical staff and Dr. Blatchford were very caring! Made me feel well taken care of and confident procedure would be successful. Job well done!" - Laura Shook, November 2013

"The staff was very friendly and efficient, helped me through the whole process." - William Olson, October 2013

"I was very pleased with my experience. This hospital is AAA+." - John Hood Jr., October 2013

"Everything from nurses care to surgeons care and information given to me by Brady my (CRNA) was top notch care and very professional. I could go on and on about the experience I had with my first surgery ever. I would trust them again and appreciate everything they have done to help me." - Scott Fields, October 2013

"I thought it was great all around. Everybody involved was exceptional." - Donna Hinkel, October 2013

"They had a very stressful day starting with no power, they all handled it very well with a very positive attitude. I was an add on surgery so made their day longer than plus the power outage added to the length of their day. Not once did they make me feel like I was an inconvenience to them. They all did a great job." - Jodi Wynn, September 2013

"The two women who prepared me for the procedure were very good." - Doris Brentlinger, September 2013

"They were all great! I could not have asked for a better dentist (Dr. Rogers) or staff. They did very good job and I would recommend them to anyone." - Shelia Morrison-Hasty, August 2013

"From the emergency room nurse to the people who cleaned, everyone was very nice to me and tried to make me comfortable. I would recommend our hospital to anyone." - Harriet Locke, August 2013

"Overall care and personal attention was very satisfactory from all the hospital staff. Great job." - Jim Johnson, July 2013

"(The outpatient services staff provided exceptional service) by being themselves, not overdoing! Very pleased." - Cheri Waldron, July 2013

"They were all wonderful to me. They all took good care of me and they told me everything would be o.k. My doctor, Kamran Shahzada, is the best doctor I ever did have and the staff are great also. They were all there for me. I'm very proud to have a great hospital, doctor, and staff." - Janet Hain, June 2013

"I was received with the utmost in courtesy, respect, and professionalism. The entire staff that attended to me made me feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time I was under their care, and were spot on in showing their professionalism." - Rex Marsh, June 2013

"Everything was wonderful. I drive from Pawhuska to come here. All (staff) were very nice. The hospital was clean & nice, good work." - Cathy Koenke, June 2013

"Everyone from admitting to x-ray dept. were very kind and helpful." - Dick Golightley, June 2013

"The Best!" - Cindy Albritton, May 2013

"I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for all the care and concerns shown toward my husband and myself. I cannot say how good it feels to work in a place where people are so thoughtful and kind. It is greatly appreciated. God bless each and everyone." - Brian & Tammie Demo, May 2013

"Everyone was kind, courteous, and just very professional!" - Connie Carder, May 2013

"All were very good." - Donald Lockwood, May 2013

"My second visit with your PT department. They are the best!" - Earlene Schoonover, April 2013

"The care is always great!" - Connie Barger, March 2013

"It was wonderful." - Verna Lawrence, March 2013

"I've had experiences at other facilities before, but my experience at SCKMC was exceptional. From admissions to discharge, I was treated like royalty. Kudos to Vicki, Mary, and Pat in surgery, you're the best of the best. The entire "team" was great. So many times at other facilities I felt like a number. SCKMC staff made me feel like a a person and that truly mattered." - Jeri Smith, March 2013

"Everything was great, thumbs up to your staff. Dr. Blatchford was a great person and doctor. First time I have been to him, he was great." - Linda Theas, March 2013

"The staff was wonderful and the facility great." - Pamela Perkins, February 2013

"It was a very nice experience. Thank you for your kind service." - Donald Owens, January 2013

"Everyone was very kind. My nurse was awesome!" - Mary Joyce Irving, January 2013

"Everyone was so nice to me, rate serve A++." - Ella Lumley, January 2013

"I was very pleased with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff member. Also I was in and out quickly." - Iris Magnus, January 2013

"The whole ER staff kept us informed on what was going on, even with the ER full." - D. A., January 2013
"Staff - wonderful!" - Debra Paton, January 2013

"My care was excellent." - Mary Ann Hale, January 2013

"The whole (ER) crew did a fine job." - Bob McGuigan, December 2012

"Very friendly and efficient (staff). Good personnel working there." - Joy Fogle, December 2012

"Do not change a thing." - Dan Defore, December 2012

"All who worked with me were friendly, prompt, and well trained." - Randall Rainwater, December 2012

"I must say I had a great experience! I love this hospital. Had the best of care even though I was scared to death. Lovely staff and Dr. Schmeidler was great in explaining things to me. - Paula McCann, December 2012

"Dr. Schmeidler and Dr. Blatchford were excellent, and all the hospital staff." - Ted Jones, November 2012

"Everything and everyone was great." - Susan Sutherland, November 2012

"I was extremely pleased with everything and everyone." - Charles Stark, November 2012

"Very, very nice." - Dan Beaston, November 2012

"I like the staff and the hospital. The care we received was very good here. Thank you." - Toni Mitchell, November 2012

"Everything was very satisfactory." - Jillian Morrison, October 2012

"Great care at ER." - C. Klein, October 2012

"I never had anyone who helped me do anything that wasn't the best I have ever seen. Great bunch of people and I am glad they are there for those that ned them." - James Tinsley, October 2012

"The girls (in radiology) made me very comfortable while I was receiving my first mammogram." - Sherri Weathers, October 2012

"I've had this same procedure done in Wichita which took up most of a full day. This only took about 3 hours away from home. So nice." -Rita McBride, October 2012

"Everything was well done." - Mary Kathleen Bryant, October 2012

"(The staff) did great, made me feel special and was very informative." - Jess Fisher, October 2012

"I don't know the name of the doctor, but he was exceptional in his voice and techniques. He kept me calm through the whole procedure and was very gentle at applying the shot." - Vivian Arnett, September 2012

"Everyone was very friendly... I would also note the hospital was exceptionally clean and modern, something we should all be very proud of. For the life of me I do not know why anyone would go to Winfield's hospital with this facility so close. Overall, I believe we are very blessed to have the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and this hospital in our community." - Dan Givens, September 2012

"(The nurse)was very friendly, helpful with my questions and apprehension/anxiousness. She was very attentive and available." - Paul Taylor, September 2012

"It was outstanding." - Virgil Kennedy, August 2012

"Everything went smoothly, and time wise, very speedy." - Caryl Lambert, August 2012

"Everyone in surgery was excellent in the treatment I received. They even asked me for 2-3 days after how I was & could I see better." - Patty Webb, July 2012

"Keep up with what you are doing!" - Kenny Wells, July 2012

"Everyone was exceptional with there work." - Donna Tipton, July 2012

"Everything went well!" - Paul Chatterton, July 2012

"Great job. Started on time and employees were very friendly and professional." - Dan S., July 2012

"Everyone from pre-op to post-op was very kind to me, plus excellent food from the kitchen." - N. Turner, June 2012

"Everyone was very professional and respectful to me." - Kathy Donley, June 2012

"My experience there was very pleasant. I was very satisfied and impressed. It was my first time there and everything was perfect. Everyone treated me like family!" - J.A. Mapel, June 2012

"This was the best E.R./Hospital experience we have ever had. Rick (the patient) was the first concern, his pain, his injuries, etc. not insurance, ability to pay, or any of that. I have not seen that at a hospital for years. Thank you very much and if we lived closer I would never go to another hospital. The customer service and medical care were outstanding." - Lorine Forshee, April 2012

"The entire Med/Surg staff attended to my treatment, comfort, and every need. I can't think of one thing I would change." - Mark Thomas, April 2012

"I don't think there is anything that could be better. It was super fast, you guys are so much quicker than California hospitals. 10++++" - Clifton Franks, April 2012

"Everything was great." - Mary T., April 2012

"I was very satisfied with my care." - V. Barker, April 2012

"Excellent. You did everything right." - John Figueria, April 2012

"Everyone was wonderful and very caring during a hard time. Everything was explained in a simple and easy to understand manner. I was pleased with everything and everyone. and have the most respect for the doctors and staff. A big thank you for all that was done and for everyone! Thank you." - Lisa Graham, April 2012

"All of the nurses taking care of me were excellent. They are very professional and caring," - Howard Goatley, April 2012

"Emergency room service was very professional, fast, and complete. Very satisfied." - Bud Shelton, March 2012

"Wonderful staff!" - Michell Reynolds, March 2012

"Very courteous, impressive." - Eldon Bohannon, February 2012

"Excellent communication, great care and encouragement! Very happy with results! Great team!" - Cynthia Hofmeier, January 2012

"I am very pleased with my experience. Everyone was pleasant, understanding, and helpful. Great service and always a smile, absolutely top notch." - Robert Hicks, January 2012

"Everybody was great! It is difficult to point out one person because the people asisting were unbelievably good! I have been an advocate for the new hospital and have had two treatments, both saved me from going to Wichita or further. Thank you!" - Eldore Mall, January 2012

"The doctor, nurses, and staff were wonderful." - Ken Wineinger, January 2012

"Everyone involved with me provided exceptional service." - Perry Pearman, January 2012

"Mary, Vickie, and all nurses involved in my procedure were very considerate and caring." - Sandra Tull, January 2012

"Very fast, very nice, very clean. I was very pleased." - Carla Walker, December 2011

"The staff was very nice to my family, also the food was good." - Lanora Sparks, September 2011

"Be sure Dr. Blatchford stays in Ark City. Staff was great. The anesthetist made me feel safe with them." - Dorothy Loehrs, November 2011

"We were made comfortable. Very good nurses and other employees!" - Douglas McBride, November 2011

"Your staff is still the best part of this hospital. Very attentive; professional and yet friendly. More than ever!!! You owe them sooo much!" - Lyle Redman, October 2011

"Everyone involved done a wonderful job. I was well taken care of." - Richard Turnipseed, October 2011

"Very good experience, everyone was professional and caring. I felt confident in the care I was given." - Pamela Crain, October 2011

"Intake and treatment were professional and of excellent quality. Providers were friendly and thorough." - Joyce Daniel, September 2011

"Everything was great. All those assigned to me were exceptional. They were there for me with service and caring." - Barbara Lambert, September 2011

"Great service. I am so proud of our new hospital." - Gilbert Estep, September 2011

"Vast improvement, much more efficient. Less wait time was wonderful." - Dana Williams, September 2011

"Same day surgery staff treated me with care and compasion." - Raymond Rahn

"Very good treatment all over. I got excellent care at Emergency and ICU. The facilities are great!" - Karole Zimmerman - September 2011

"The whole help were very pleasant." - Dorothy Stockton, September 2011

"Your doctors are very good. Keep getting good doctors! The nurses on duty were very compassionate and knew their jobs. They were all very caring and did an excellent job." - Sandra Tull - July 2011

"All were excellent, including the auxiliary ladies." - Bonnie Smith - July 2011

"All staff were very helpful and welcoming. My husband and I were very impressed with the facility and the professionalism of the staff." - Cathy Wilcox - July 2011

"Everything was good. Staff was very friendly. Enjoyed being there." - Tammy Normandin - July 2011

"All of you were just great. I could not have asked for any better help. I take my hat off to each and every one of you. Thank you very much." - Mary Larssen - July 2011

"Outpatient staff is out-of-this world, the best you could get. Surgical nurses were outstanding, very helpful and courteous." - Gordon Wright - July 2011

"The whole (ER) staff, from start to finish, they all really were great. The nurse that helped me really took the pain away. It made me feel safe and comfortable." - Dianna George - July 2011

"While waiting to be taken back for surgery, Dr. Klaassen came in to do rounds. He saw me waiting, came and talked to John and I, then prayed with us. Very meaningful!" - Betty Jean Penrose - June 2011

"You were more helpful than Wichita ER's. Thank you very much for your knowledge and help. The whole ER staff was great." - Gene Roberson, June 2011

"I received great care. Everyone and the hospital are wonderful." - Vickie Bomar - June, 2011

"Your hospital found what was wrong with my husband in less than a hour. He had two four-day stays and two emergency room visits in another hospital with nothing found. We are so glad we stopped at your hospital." - Mrs. Merle Randol - June, 2011

"On the day of my surgery I had approximately five or six nurses and/or doctors who all explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. When I was taken into the surgery room I was really impressed at how bright and clean the room was. A year ago I had surgery at a Wichita hospital, rating 5 or 6. SCKMC's hospital rating was 10+ on everything. A great big thank you to everybody at SCKMC for my stay on 6-6-11." - Larry Brooks - June, 2011

"The nurses and staff that I encountered were always very professional and very pleasant. Enjoyed everything about the hospital. I'm very happy for me and the also the community for having such a great facility. Keep up the good work." - Howard Goatley - May, 2011

"Wonderful experience. Comfortable , relaxing, knowledgeable staff and atmosphere." - Gilbert Ramirez - May, 2011

"All staff were very nice and helpful." - Dale White - May, 2011

"I was very impressed with the nurses, doctors, and others who helped. I've been telling everyone about the great care I was given. I'm sure that its not an easy job to be around ailing, sick people all the time, so all are to be commended on the care given to all. Thanks Again! - Julie Wilkinson - April, 2011

"Although surgery is nerve racking, the staff was absolutely crucial in making it as informed as possible. They told me every step! Every single person was concerned about my care. It was fabulous, I was Queen for the Day! Mary and her CNA were awesome. I have another surgery scheduled soon." - Cindy Albritton - March 28, 2011

"I have been a patient a number of times at our hospital. Always had a very positive experience." - Marjorie Noel - March 23, 2011

"Best care possible. Glad we have invested in the new facility." - Julie Thimesch - March 8, 2011

"I was at the hospital for a Heartland Research test and not for an illness, still both nurses treated me as if I was very ill and was constantly watching over me." - Grant Williams - January 27, 2011

"Everyone I came in contact was just perfect." - Bonnie Springer - January 3, 2011

"My serious and complicated injuries from a fall outside in 20 degree weather required constant, special attention from many, if not all, hospital staff members. Their deicated efforts, I am sure, made my recovery possible. For which i sincerely say Thank You to all concerned." - Edie Waldeck - January 1, 2011

"Hospital staff was all helpful, friendly and top-notch workers. Everyone went beyond their duties!" - Ella Lumley - December 1, 2010

"Keep up the good job. We are proud of our small town courtesy hospital with a big town happy staff!! Thank you." - Bruce Brown - December 3, 2010

"No one stands out when everyone is outstanding!" - Thomas Bartel - November 10, 2010

"Ivey got great care fom all the nurses and staff while she was at SCKMC. Dr. Blatchford was great. He explained everything in terms we could understand and was very attentive to her needs and our questions. I was very pleased with the care she recieved today." - Cynde Richards - November 8, 2010

"All nurses did an outstanding job!" - Patrick McAtee - October 11, 2010

"Everyone from check in to check out was very nice to me and helpful. They kept me from getting nervous about the procedure and were extremely professional. I appreciated each one of them for their kindness & attention. Especially the gals in surgery. They amde me laugh and kept me from getting scared." - Sharon Reed - October 6, 2010

"All staff members were great. Caring and concerned about my care. Hopefully the entire staff will be making the move to the new building." - Sherry Hoffhines - September 28, 2010

"All very helpful. From the ones that prepped me to those who motored me out when my stay was complete." - Casey Bell - September 13, 2010

"We should be proud of our nurses, dotors, and hospital staff. I'll bet they can't wait for the new facility." - Grant Williams - August 24, 2010

"Mary, Karen, and Vicki were very kind. We laughed a lot. They were the best. They never had a frown on their faces, and made me smile a lot (even when I was hurting)." - Glenda Brantley - August 16,2010

"All staff I encountered portrayed a high degree of awareness of my needs. Everyone was not only professional, but also delightful." - Thomas Bartel - August 2, 2010

"All Physical Therapy staff were very caring and professional. They took my questions and concerns very seriously and really made me feel that they were truly concerned with helping me to feel better." - Kathy Kendrick - July 2010

"I was made extremely comfortable through my procedures for Heartland Research. From my room to the operating room, the nurses were exceptional in their care." - Grant Williams - July 28, 2010

"What I appreciate is the lab and lab workers. They are outstanding. I don't wait and they are truly medical professionals. My doctor is in Oklahoma City, but I have all lab work done at SCKRMC. They are excellent at drawing blood from different viens, plus kind, courteous, and friendly. Awesome work,thanks!!" - Herlynda Gusheloff-Jordan - July 13, 2010

"There is something to be said for the personal service you receive in a small town hospital! The staff was excellent. I have worked in that same setting for almost 20 years so I don't give kudos out lightly. I am hard to please and harder to impress because I am familiar with what goes on. You do have some excellent staff! - Shanie Maxwell - July 13, 2010