Arkansas City - South Central Kansas Medical Center began the next phase of transition towards the opening of their new hospital, scheduled for February 2011, by unveiling its new website earlier this week. The site,, was designed through a partnership with FastHealth Corporation, one of the nation's leading developers of online programming and Internet software for community hospitals.

"After months of work, we're proud to launch our new website. It's our goal to have our site be an extension of the facility itself. We decided early on we didn't want the normal on-line promotional billboard, instead we've attempted to fill the site with useful tools for both patients and their families," said Clayton Pappan, SCKMC's Chief Marketing Officer.

A few of the website's highlights include on-line health dictionary, drug encyclopedia, and medical research tools. Patients can view the clinic dates of specialist physicians, pre-register prior to their stay, and download brochures detailing a specific exam. In addition, website visitors will have the ability to create an "e-card", an on-line greeting card, for a hospital patient that will be printed off by staff and delivered directly to the patient's room.

"People are used to being connected to each other 24/7, that doesn't change when you enter the hospital. Features like the e-card, and our on-line nursery help families and friends reach out, even when they can't be there in person," Pappan said.

The medical center's administrative team has divided up the responsibility of continuously updating and expanding the website. New features that should be available within the coming weeks include on-line bill pay for patients, and on-line gift giving.

"This site is part of our commitment to ensuring SCKMC is staying up to date in all phases of its operation. Being connected in the electronic world is no exception," said Steve Perkins, the medical center's CEO.