SCKMC Perfect on State/Federal Inspections

August 30, 2011

Arkansas City, KS - South Central Kansas Medical Center (SCKMC) earned three deficiency-free surveys by outside agencies in the last two weeks. The surveyors determine if the hospital is following Kansas hospital regulations, Medicare life safety requirements, and the Federal directives set forth in the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) in order to receive Medicare/Medicaid payments. To receive three perfect surveys is a rare accomplishment that is being cherished by the facility's staff and trustees.

"I can't tell you how proud the entire Board of Trustees is with these accomplishments. Our employees know the importance of these surveys and strive to make our facility the best in the region. We know we need to exceed expectations and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the atmosphere, service, and care to our patients and the community," said Lance Niles, Chairman of SCKMC's Board of Trustees.

Two of the inspections were conducted by surveyors with the Health Facilities Program of the Bureau of Child Care and Health Facilities- Kansas Department of Health and Environment, who made an unannounced visit to the hospital to ensure CoP compliance. Certification of hospital compliance with the CoPs is accomplished through a multiple day process which includes staff observations, patient interviews, and documented/recorded reviews by the survey team.

"They (surveyors) look at every area of the hospital, every department. It is our job to provide the best quality of care possible. They provide the oversight to make sure we are doing that," said Jane Campbell, SCKMC's Quality Director.

A hospital survey is the means used to assess compliance with State and/or Federal health, safety, and quality standards that will assure that the patient receives safe, quality care and services. The in-depth survey process focuses on a hospital's performance of patient-focused processes and organizational functions.

"A hospital survey is a very valuable process. Medicare bases its standards on research. If you are following Medicare's guidelines, then you are providing good patient care. The fact that we got a zero deficiency survey just confirms the fact we are providing good patient care," Campbell said.

At the end of the surveys, SCKMC team leaders were told that the survey resulted in no deficiencies cited for the state regulations and no deficiencies cited for the Medicare/Medicaid Survey. Also, in the prior to those surveys, the State Fire Marshall's office conducted the Life Safety portion of the Medicare survey and found no deficiencies

Recognition of the staff is planned to acknowledge the team effort.

"It is not common to have zero deficiencies in such surveys. This is attributable to the great team here, working together, committed to setting and reaching higher standards. And, without the guidance, involvement and commitment of our physicians on staff this would not have been possible. We are building a future of excellence to serve our community," said Steve Perkins, SCKMC's CEO.

Photo: Heather Judd, RN assists SCKMC patient, Pete Kanelakos. The hospital recently passed three State and Federal surveys focused on patient care and safety.