"Leaplings" Abound at Ark City Hospital

March 1, 2012

The statistics say there is only a one in 1,461 chance a person will be born on a leap day. Bur despite the odds three "leaplings", as they are called, were born this Leap Day at South Central Kansas Medical Center in Arkansas City.

Jesse Callison and Abby Kennedy are the proud parents of one of the special new arrivals. Jordan Callison arrived at 7:06 a.m. and joined the nearly five million people who celebrate a Leap Day birthday worldwide.

"(Jesse) had talked about having a Leap Day baby during the whole pregnancy," Kennedy said. "Everything with this pregnancy has been complicated, so of course (Jordan) would have the most complicated day as a birthday. The only thing I don't like about it is deciding what day to celebrate for his birthday. Maybe we'll just have a birthday week."

Brentyn Trenary was also delivered on February 29 to Lacy Trenary. At first, Mom had mixed feelings about delivering on such an unusual day.

"The 29th was my due date but they tried to induce me so that we wouldn't have to worry about the every four-year thing. I guess he just wanted to come on that day. It's actually pretty cool," Trenary said.

While two leap day babies would have been rare at a facility that typically deliveries between 12 and 20 babies per month, three leapers made the extra day very unique.

"Our OB department was a very busy place," said Carla Helms, SCKMC's OB Department Team Leader. "Four out of our six birthing suites were occupied."

The three babies were delivered by Dr. Green, Dr. Schmeidler, and Dr. Klaassan. The doctors are three of six physicians who are currently part of the hospitals obstetrics team. SCKMC administration recently announced they would be adding two new members to that team, an OB-GYN specialist will begin practicing this spring and a family practice physician with a emphasis in obstetrics will begin this summer.

"One of our strongest areas of commitment is for the healthcare of the entire family. That commitment begins pre-birth with our family birthing classes, and continues during delivery with a full range of birthing services such as epidurals and our first class birthing suites. We hope to expand upon that commitment with the upcoming addition of two physicians, who will both start within the next six months," said Steve Perkins, SCKMC's CEO.

Photos: Jesse Callison and Abby Kennedy with Leap Day newborn Jordan Callison.